As it turns to be a tradition, here is the last report of the 15th Mundo Capoeira event in Dublin (the real one in Ireland).

The week long meeting gathered people from Belgium, Brazil, Luxembourg, Germany, … I must forget some.

This video is a 8 minutes snap of the very last day of event. Documents and references are pure mandatory generosity from the involontary contributors without their consent to remind that nothing was born in a day.

Content :

First part The mandatory first known picture of Sansao !
Demonstration made on how he gave up on his hairs to become Mestre.
Part two Todays team, fun, group, community, friends, family …
Part three Berimbau starts a training
Part four As written (change of Belts) Do not hesitate to hit Pause to see where you are 🙂
Part five We had not ehough of a full week, let’s play/dance/fight again!
Final part A word from the team at Mundo Capoeira to Mestre Sansao.

Music :

Minha Vida é Capoeira – Mestrando Pernalonga
Bahia Viva – Banda Olodum
Malandragem – Professor Capu (Gingado Capoeira)

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