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Minimalistic, Modern, metropole of the Midland, Hannover smartly mixed modern architecture and historical art into a well organised society. I remember there making one of my best 200m run performances as I ha dot catch a train… the kind of 6h train you cannot miss. I must thank Deutsche Bahn for being late again on

Hamburg by night

Festive, impressive, there is always something to do in Hamburg. Red light is big and attractive for many, it is also well insulated from the rest of the city so if you are motivated by another type of ambiance it is very easy to reach another location and still have fun.

Hamburg city centre, parks and gardens

This city is very very clean, well organised and quiet. I was impressed by the amount of silent vehicles in circulation in 2018. It is futuristic.

Hamburg – the harbour side

It took me ages to get here but I don’t regret a minute. This city is beautiful. Clear, quiet relax, modern, very cultural and organised. Walking in the street feels great because its quiet and very clean. You will also easily fell for the charms of the canals and multiple water ways.

Koln, when the night comes

Koln (Cologne) made me laugh last time time I went there. Imagine a whole day of transports to reach the destination and the first place you see is a pub called the Corkonian. Anyway, if you have more time, the Cathedral is beautiful, the old town as well and carnival is a must do here!

10 years of Capoeira for Mundo Ireland

Here is a short 12 minutes video of the last Mundo Capoeira team. The 10th anniversary celebrations took place in Dublin, Ireland in February 2018. People from Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Greece, Netherland, and believe me or not Ireland as well … (Cork, Mullingar, …) met for a very short workshop in order to make sure

Mundo Capoeira Ireland Batizado – XV Na Ginga Da Capoeira Oct 2016 in Dublin

As it turns to be a tradition, here is the last report of the 15th Mundo Capoeira event in Dublin (the real one in Ireland). The week long meeting gathered people from Belgium, Brazil, Luxembourg, Germany, … I must forget some. This video is a 8 minutes snap of the very last day of event. Documents and

Mundo Capoeira Ireland Batizado 2015 part 6 – Ladies and Kids first

This video is from the main Capoeira Batizado event in Ireland in 2015. This video first stars with the trainings and the good atmosphere on Saturday. Girls you are on fire. Kids graduation follows on Sunday and a fnish with the advanced, just for eye pleasure. Link to the group: www.capoeiraireland.com

Cap Batizado 2015 part 4 – Breakdance and Fight

This video is about the main Capoeira Batizado event in Ireland in 2015. This martial art goes beyond a simple Attack/Defense interaction, you can become very creative and sophisticated. If you pay also attention to the age difference : apparently: it doesn’t matter how old you turn 🙂 Link to the group: www.capoeiraireland.com

Mundo Capoeira Ireland Batizado 2015 part 3 – The Princess and the Giant

Waiting for the new big event, on the week of the 17/10/2016 ! This video is about the main Capoeira Batizado event in Ireland in 2015. Prooving here that capoeira is for everytone, look what it is like for a kid to interact with a brazilian player. Doesn’t matter the size they both build each other’s

Mundo Capoeira Ireland Batizado 2015 part 2 – Long legs

Part of the series with Mundo Capoeira, here is a sample with Meninao and Falante, demonstrating what to do (or not) to perfect the Meia Lua. Waiting for the new big event, on the week of the 17/10/2016. Link to the group: www.capoeiraireland.com This video is from the main Capoeira Batizado event in Ireland in 2015. I have

Silence is Darmstadt’s gold

Just a little bit of nostalgia as this city reflect for some the rhythm of January … I’ll Explain: This city is crowded with approximately 150 000 inhabitant, no doubt. It’s also 30 minutes away from Frankfurt it remain a great point of interest for any german worker. But the main impression I keep is

Merry Christmas From Frankfurt

Merry Christmas to everybody, and specifically everybody!! One of the definition of happiness is to appreciate what you have not what you want. Let’s try to explain the first impression when visiting a Christmas Market in The Euro city ! When you finally find the market place, you enter in a small, happy and dedicated

Mundo Capoeira Ireland Batizado 2012 Dublin

Quick snaps of the major event of the year for a Group of Capoeira: the Batizado.   4 days of trainings, Workshop, Dance and party. Here are the main ones in a slideshow and just down after, through the movie. Delighted to make a video of the  last week’s big event in Dublin where some

Frankfurt (April 2010)

Un rapide apercu de cette charmante ville que j’ai eu l’occasion de visiter entre 2 vols.   Return to: – Germany

Berlin 2009

Return to: – Germany

Freiburg 2007

21 07 2007

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