The Volcano walk is one of the first place where you can be burned if you don’t protect yourself.
Anyway, you still can have a nice moment in this 4 hours’ walk: the stones colors, the sky, the quick way for the weather to change …
The “Piton de la Fournaise” is one of the most important tourist attraction, due to his important activity and his easy acces.
On one of these picture you can see the last eruption. He used to interrupt the traffic on the national road.

3 days in one:
The few but amazing walk accross “The cap Noir” and the “Roche Vert Bouteille” I could walk.
After only 15 min, you can see a deep view of the “Mafate” circus. This place can only be visited by feet or helicopters.
The second part show us why the Reunion Island is not attractive for tourists who likes to be cooked as chicken on a beach… even if you still can find this kinds of activities.
On the last part, just a quick view of a famous side: “Cilaos” a paradise for Broderies, Therms, wine, … with only a 365 turns’ road for access.

Pleasure and sport are on this island.
Pleasure, with the white and black sand beaches, night clubs, and others activities, …
Sport: of course, The Reunion island is recognized for his famous Grand Raid walk, and the other water sport.
The page shows mainly the Mafate Circus, by feet. If you find isolation, difficulties, incredible views, warm cold temperatures, rain and sun in the same day: just stay a week-end here…

Flowers and firsts views to finish this quick view of the Reunion Island. If you have 3 weeks, this not enough to appreciate how this little place is so interresting. But try it, and I can ensure you that you can have a unforgettable moment on this Voclano island.


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