La Reunion island is also famous for the rain, specially on the east coast where the amount of water that fall on average per day is equivalent of a year in certain places on the west side. If I see the pictures thereafter, the plants seem delighted to read thisContinue Reading

The Anecdote here is that I have lost my father… but found him again waiting for me at the car park. This is Mafate, LaReunion Island: One of the most popular walk, if it is not the most popular. Okay the full story was, it was a family walk, weContinue Reading

it is not exactly “dumping” some random photos here but I couldn’t just send these clichés to the trash. This was a sample of the views from the roads between Saint Denis during the construction of the ugly bridge and Savanna Saint Paul.Continue Reading

365 curves, this is what it takes as an average to enter this Circus. It is even more when you walk and the most difficult could also be the altitude. But it is totally worse it. This place is famous for the SPA, whine and lenses but also the qualityContinue Reading

Imagine a place where your have no roads with tarmac and no power lines but people still live in a modern life. Probably futuristic? No it’s Mafate In these villages, the taxis are flying and people enjoy the nature (like any dream books) According to them, life is relax but sometimeContinue Reading

La Réunion island, offers hundreds of occasions to be mesmerised by its landscapes. The forest is one of the oldest on earth but despite the protection from UNESCO, the urban sprawl sacrifices its beauty. Here I was on my 3rd day of a hike going through the 3 natural circuses.Continue Reading

My first and everlasting impression is: a travel in time and space… in minutes your scenery completely changes from a jungle to a continental atmosphere via something drier and back to high mountains … It is just a must. Put this on your bucket list, respect the surroundings, get moreContinue Reading

Coming back from a 3 days trekking in my usual flip flops, here are the last photos I could afford to make and I hope this will last connected place in the Cirque de Salazie. La Réunion island, offers hundreds of occasions to be mesmerised by its landscapes. The forestContinue Reading

Cette petite prise de vue des différentes companies qui desservent La Réunion a été effectuée en Octobre 2018. L’idée c’est de clarifier d’où on peut décoller pour venir directement sur l’île, Combien de temps cela prend, avec quelle compagnie et les services minimums : – Baggages authorisés avec poids minimal, – Repas ?Continue Reading

Let’s discover Mafate through a closed walk path (don’t do this kids if you don’t know the place). This place can only be reached by helicopter or by foot. Nature there is strong and preserved, … but for how long?Continue Reading

Away from the coast let’s see  what is inside this young island. Between Plaines and  3 Circus you can walk on the high point of the Indian Ocean: a 3070m high sleepy volcano or just an active one if you are lucky enough. You can also visit hidden cascades or simply test ifContinue Reading

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Pratiqué à l’origine par les esclaves, le moring a failli disparaître durant la départementalisation. Aujourd’hui, quinze ans après que Jean-René Dreinaza ait impulsé sa renaissance, cet art de combat réunionnais connaît un succès considérable.

Continue Reading

The Volcano walk is one of the first place where you can be burned if you don’t protect yourself. Anyway, you still can have a nice moment in this 4 hours’ walk: the stones colors, the sky, the quick way for the weather to change … The “Piton de laContinue Reading

Cette petite marche sympa a partir de Dos d’Âne, vous mène, par un sentier étroit, vers un point de vue impressionnant. Le Cap Noir donne une vue sans égal sur le cirque de Mafate. Si l’on continue le chemin, une petite boucle d’une heure (2x plus pour les promeneurs) nousContinue Reading

A Travers un paysage de plus en plus vert et humide nous remarquons ce paradoxe naturel sur une ile ou il pleut en un jour a certain endroits de l’est ce qu’il pleut a d’autres de l’ouest en 1 an. Through this green landscapes, a natural paradox is observed: onContinue Reading