One of the most extreme west end of Ireland, the peninsula would be very exposed to maritime elements. I paid the entrance for you (I know…) and let you appreciate the view. I personally found it over built and worse was to start a massive block of concrete and leavingContinue Reading

As a fan of the TV show, it is difficult to drive in county Clare and miss this famous house. If you have more time I also suggest to spare some time in¬†Kilfenora. Between the¬†Vaughan’s Pub and the lovely people from the surrounding accommodation, this will definitely be a goodContinue Reading

A last tour in Belfast before things will get more complicated. This city is a dense blend of history, culture and it just doesn’t look like that at first. Driving in town will first look “small” but the more you spend time, the more you need time to decrypts allContinue Reading

The the west of county Cork, the Beara Peninsula will charm you with its view, people and quiet surroundings. I can just remember how relax I was by just thinking about it.Continue Reading

In 1987, off the coast of Waterford, pushed by the Gael, a massive crane barge from Liverpool crashed along the cliffs.¬†Dangerous pollutants were removed soon after the barge went aground and the 2¬†men aboard were rescued so naturally, instead of removing the remains, why wouldn’t we make history? I supposeContinue Reading

This video depicts a series of games between Professor Curioso and Professor Saci during “Inspira√ßao” the Afro-Brazil Festival 2018 in Cork. This is the Cork Camar√° Batizado festival. More info on: What is Capoeira ? Reading

R√©sumons tout d’abord le message de l’ambassade de septembre 2022 en 2 mots : Bonne chance ! Ce qui suit est juste un nouvel article rapide pour donner les bonnes m√©thodes de recherche pour tous les francophones qui d√©barquent en Irlande pour du moyen ou long terme. Conseils et pr√©parationsContinue Reading

Let’s make a quick tour in the area of Cork, where a small but noticeable fortification has now been converted to an Observatory. Ideally reached with a bicycle, this castle has a restaurant as well and the coastal walk is actually beautiful.Continue Reading

Here is a short 12 minutes video of the last Mundo Capoeira team. The 10th anniversary celebrations took place in Dublin, Ireland in February 2018. People from Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Greece, Netherland, and believe me or not Ireland as well … (Cork, Mullingar, …) met for a very short workshopContinue Reading

Slowly giving away some secrets of this magical location situated in the north of Ireland, may I share here some snaps taken away from the coast of Donegal. The scenario is unreal, a Castle, nearly no-one around, a dramatic sky, it’s too warm for a winter, … These were taken inContinue Reading

Quick walk on my lovely and well missed sea front of Bray Co. Wicklow in Ireland. That day was very¬†dramatic between the agitated sea, the threatening sky, the wind and the famous Bray Head Hotel for Sale ?!?. Souvenirs from Bray are also here:¬†¬†2011, 2012, …Continue Reading