Sorry to hear you are in a bad situation.

This post is a collection of link and shortcuts that only intend give ideas when we have a problem to report and we don’t know anyone in Ireland.

It excludes:

  • Emergency services reachable at the 112 or 999
  • Any guarantee to solve the problem
  • Reading manuals for you
  • Solving boredom

Know What a problem is:

A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.

Report an issue is very easy when you have the right method and the right link.

  1. Isolate and define your trouble in a few questions:
    1. What are my expectation of a normal situation?
    2. What are my rights?
    3. Is it urgent or important?
      1. Urgent + Important = Act
      2. Important, non urgent = Plan
      3. Urgent, non important = Delegate
      4. Aucun des deux =  Ignore, Eliminate
    4. Am I affected directly?
    5. Can I solve it without consequences (physical, morale, material, financial…)
  2. Contact
    1. Visit the website or point of contact named as referent (see table thereafter)
    2. Check if the problem has already been reported
    3. You can use a template to describe your complication (i.e. Complaint template letters – CCPC)
  3. Follow up and close
    1. Check if it is correctly handled by the service in charge
    2. Are you happy with the resolution?
      1. If YES, Close your case and don’t forget to express your gratitude: this not only motivate your community but heal yourself.
      2. If NO, escalate
        1. To a Manager
        2. To a Care team
        3. To third-party/External service (could be public or private depending on your situation)

Where to go:



Online services

Reporting Safety and Quality Concerns


Goods and Services

Competition consumer

Financial Services and Pensions

Health Service

Landlord and Tenants


Taxi Compliments and Complaints | Transport for Ireland

  • Positive Feedback  
  • Make a complaint  
  • Enquiry / General Feedback (From this page also lost property and so on)

Living things


Cruelty Lost and Found


The rest

Ireland’s National Police and Security service

Mental Health and well-being

List of free and low-cost counselling/therapy services found on Reddit:

Pieta House – Free. Self harm/suicide. Also offer family support. Location: Dublin (several locations), Cork, Kerry, Westmeath, Limerick, Donegal, Tipperary, Waterford, Galway, Wexford.

Oasis Centre – Affordable counselling for an “extensive range of personal life problems” and crisis intervention for addiction/bereavement/suicide. Also offer mindfulness training. Location: North Dublin.

Shine – No price given, but I’m aware of the service and I think it’s either low cost or free. Serious mental health difficulties (appears that you need a diagnosis). Location: Dublin and Cork.

National Counselling Service – Free. Survivors of childhood abuse. Location: Nationwide.

Counselling in Primary Care – Free for medical card holders but needs a GP referral. Short-term counselling for “mild to moderate psychological difficulties”. Location: Nationwide.

Dublin Counselling and Therapy Centre – Low cost option. “An extensive range of personal life problems” or personal development. Location: North Dublin.

PCI College – €10-25 to see a student, but more if you want to see someone fully qualified. “Varied topics”. Location: Dublin, Cork, Galway, Kerry, KildAre, Kilkenny, Limerick, Longford, Mayo, Meath, Waterford, Westmeath.

MyMind – Low-cost. Face-to-face and online counselling for a wide range of problems. Location: Dublin, Cork, Limerick.

Genesis – €15-35. Individual, couples or family therapy for a “wide range of concerns”. Location: North Dublin.

Acora – LGBT, couples, individual therapy. Offers some low-cost appointments. Location: North Dublin.


Learn About Racism in Ireland


  • Child Sexual Abuse Material (Child Pornography)
  • Child Grooming Activities
  • Financial Scam
  • Racism and Xenophobia Query
  • Other

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