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Every child that have played with these have at some stage imagine this at a big scale. The park is actually entertaining for the whole family. It was raining a lot that day of visit and I flew in and out of UK just for this. Totally worse it

Going Solar in Ireland

Consumer steps to become future proof and better understand how to evolve.

Got a problem?

This post is a collection of link and shortcuts that only intend give ideas when we have a problem to report and we don’t know anyone in Ireland.

Compare your providers

Here I will focus on websites that are comparing companies who deliver services in Ireland. I will not cover all providers, or brokers. Also brands listed are used as examples.

To compare your product with the competition you can:

  • Search for a licensed suppliers + competitors, negotiate and finalise your engagement
  • OR Use a comparison tool and let them do the job for you.

The Irish government has initiatives designed to help and privates companies will extend this comparison.

Here are the list of the platform found so far in Ireland and where we can use them, if you see more do not hesitate to let me know:

The State Capitol – Austin, TX

Let’s focus on this beautiful building where the photos of the State’s decision makers was hanged. The Capitol doesn’t exactly stand in the city centre but manages to drag a lot of tourists around this area. The park around is very clean and the access to the building is free. However, you cannot bring your

Links to search for a mid to long term accommodation in Ireland

I’ve been suggested to translate this article in English as it has helped thousands to search up mid to long term accommodation already. Suggestion and preparation: Ireland is famous for its housing crisis. Let’s consider it as part of the culture. I recommend not to be too specific in your search terms as this drastically

Les companies qui desservent l’île de La Réunion

Cette petite prise de vue des différentes companies qui desservent La Réunion a été effectuée en Octobre 2018. L’idée c’est de clarifier d’où on peut décoller pour venir directement sur l’île, Combien de temps cela prend, avec quelle compagnie et les services minimums : – Baggages authorisés avec poids minimal, – Repas ? La Réunion est également accessible

Trouver un logement en Irlande

Juste un nouvel article rapide pour donner les bonnes méthodes de recherche pour tous les francophones qui débarquent en Irlande pour du moyen ou long terme. Conseils et préparations : La crise du logement en Irlande fait partit de la culture, évitez les recherches trop spécifiques qui réduisent les choix et pour finir : n’hésitez

Street philo

Seen on Francis Street, Dublin  and finally, the must see of the day:

Mundo Capoeira Street Performance

The Street performance is quite regular with Mundo Capoeira Ireland, this session took place in the front of the Central Bank, Dublin on Sunday (and the sun was finally here) the 20th of May 2012. 90 minutes of Roda in the Dame Street with Mestre Sansao, Professor Bezouro, Robson Jamaica, Ciro, the Students and even

Dublin Postal Code Map

find this map here

Le Site de petite Fee Creation

Petite Fee Creation

Bienvenue a Clarisse et son site Petite Fee Creation.   Entierement fait main sur l’Ile de La Reunion, les bijoux faits de parrures, bagues colliers et boucles d’oreilles, illumineront vos soirees et sorties.  

The Cold 100 – Mr. Westcoast Man

The Cold 100, a cool group of musician, discovered and from Bray. the best is always the link : The Cold 100 Here is the final result of a very cool experience in Bray. and some photos of the preparations in the Strand Hotel, the Bray Head inn Hotel (ooohhhh) and the Harbour Bar !!!

Links to find a chip flight – chercher des vols pas chers

Just shoot if you have more meta search engines, here are mine: (web site in French), this link has been disabled by request from the site admin. Note that might not always give the same results … Reminder about this website : – this website is

Mauritius 2011

Mauritius 2011

Message from the Snow Maker

snow maw Weather condition are perfectly appropriate to give one or 2 tips on how to walk on Ice while Dublin seems to face several issues (reported by AA road Watch and Dublin bus)

Christmas time in Berlin

Berlin 2009

Voici un court apercu de ce que Berlin peut donner.

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