Skill Required to change belt


Laranja (Orange belt )


Capoeira Routines

In-Depth knowledge of the Basics an improved movements

Combination of movements and kicks (Including a minimum of 4 movements)

More precise and powerfull Kicks
Notion of Warm-up an Stretching within a capoeira session

Familiarity with the game of Angola, Benguela and Regional


7 Floreios min.



Basics of Capoeira instruments i.e. Berimbau, Atabaque, Pandeiro

Mastering min. 4 Toques of Berimbau i.e. Angola, Sao Bento Grande, Benguela and Sao Bento de Berimba
Familiarity with the most Capoeira songs
Min. 1 Song of Angola and 1 of Regional


In-Depth knowledge of Capoeira History and Evolution.

Capoeira Angola and Capoeira Regional: Mestre Pastinha and Mestre Bimba

Zumbi dos Palmares

Belt system and difference within Belts

Participation in Rodas, Street Performances and Shows