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Compare your providers

Here I will focus on websites that are comparing companies who deliver services in Ireland. I will not cover all providers, or brokers. Also brands listed are used as examples.

To compare your product with the competition you can:

  • Search for a licensed suppliers + competitors, negotiate and finalise your engagement
  • OR Use a comparison tool and let them do the job for you.

The Irish government has initiatives designed to help and privates companies will extend this comparison.

Here are the list of the platform found so far in Ireland and where we can use them, if you see more do not hesitate to let me know:

Dublin Postal Code Map

find this map here

Links to find a chip flight – chercher des vols pas chers

Just shoot if you have more meta search engines, here are mine: (web site in French), this link has been disabled by request from the site admin. Note that might not always give the same results … Reminder about this website : – this website is

The Irish Parachue Club Progression Table

This article details the minimum required to progress through the STATIC LINE JUMPS course.
I personnaly like it because every jump is an occasion to experiment a new challenge.
More details on the IPC web page.

Boston February 2011

New-York February 2011

New Capoeira Club In Bray

Capoeira classes in Bray are now open
Raven Hall,Dublin rd
Bray, Ireland
Tel: 01 286 2002

The Chinese new year at Bray

3 minutes to celebrate the year of the Tiger in Bray, Ireland According to John Ryan (Bre Cathaoirleach) the town hosts biggest Chinese in Ireland. This celebration took place last Sunday the 16th of February 2010. This year will be the year of the Tiger. The traditional Dance of the Dragon and the lions opened

Sad joke in Ireland

The way Dubliners explains how to go to the suburbs

The way dubliners explains how to do to the suburbsThis is what you can expect when the answers doesn’t come straight away …

Halloween 2009

Here are the pictures, yeah … here they are… The most was on the way back, Thousan of desperates people beging for a taxi under a heavy rain…

Protected: DellArte

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Christmas Nativity in Tallaght


The Sainte-Foy abbey-church in Conques was a popular stop for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela

The last LVA Radio Ad Campaign 2008

It sounds like a joke for a French but I hope you will enjoy the Irish radio: Repertoire After Work Mid week Food Friday Nights … Ok I give up lol

Moring : le phénix des arts martiaux

CLICANOO.COM | Publié le 5 août 2008

Pratiqué à l’origine par les esclaves, le moring a failli disparaître durant la départementalisation. Aujourd’hui, quinze ans après que Jean-René Dreinaza ait impulsé sa renaissance, cet art de combat réunionnais connaît un succès considérable.

Finnegan Bray the Night Link

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Night at 01:00 and 03:00: Dublin Bray Nightbus with FINNEGAN-Bray

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