L’Églantine est le fruit d’un rosier dont la description peut se trouver sur cet article Wikipédia. On l’appelle aussi : Rosa rubiginosa, et ça aurait une odeur de pomme… 1 kg de sucre environ 1 citron bien mur 1 bouteille de vin blanc 1 kg d’églantine Ustensiles 1 saladier 1 chinois 1 balance de cuisine Préparation Temps total: 2 h 30 min Préparation: 1 hContinue Reading

It was about time I know but I wanted to make most of the captures that I was lucky enough to collect from this exclusive event. The 19th Na Ginga Da Capoeira Festival The kids version : And the grown ups. In this lengthy video you will be able toContinue Reading

For this one I can suggest to sit tight and relax for the next 9 minutes use the biggest screen that you have while I share with you pictures of the perle of the Indian Ocean. The coastal view, the three natural circuses, the green landscapes, waterfalls and of courseContinue Reading