Here are the pictures, yeah … here they are… The most was on the way back, Thousan of desperates people beging for a taxi under a heavy rain…Continue Reading

Here is the Irish Troca de Corda. This event took place in Dublin in October. It becomes a big event, great organization according to the amount of people to manage, the different locations and activities. After 8 year everybody should say: normal, … well no it is the best wayContinue Reading

Soon, some of you will see the new commercial campaign of O2 Ireland. If only you know how many energy it takes!! This one was filmed in the “O2 arena” (previously called “The Point Theater”) in Dublin 1. Basically people here where asked to go along to funky concert. FunkyContinue Reading

How would you invite a friend to travel more? The idea came after one of his trip to my place. He checked twice his personal belongs and forgot that one… When I called him to send it back he said … Just keep it and use it. I did… 1.Continue Reading