Quick snaps of the good vibe created by “Nacao Zumbi Angola roda grupo Capoeira” last Saturday, in the lantern centre, Dublin.
Let me describe it in few pictures:

(the difference with me and a real photograph comes when the hardware work when needed: I only blame myself)
Oh yeah, part of the show was animated by the group Centro Cultural Capoeira Água de Beber (CECAB) Graduado Mamão (Fantastic Berimbau player) you can contact him or Beleza if you need some Self defense or Jujitsu courses.

    Before I forget, here are the details of the 2 groups:

Nação Zumbí Logo
Nação Zumbi Dublin

    Escola de Capoeira Angola OR School of Capoeira Angola

    general email: dublin@nacao-zumbi.com
    tel: +353 (0)862 652642

    Centro Cultural Capoeira Água de Beber Ireland – Graduado Mamão
    Graduado MamãoAfricana e Capoeira
    Francisco De Assis Abreu Souto
    phone: (+353)871238813, (+353)862649163
    e-mail: mamaozinhocapoeira@hotmail.com

    Information and Administration:
    Estagiária Beleza
    Matilda Hluskova
    e-mail: cecab.ireland@gmail.com, matilda.hluskova@gmail.com