This place wouldn’t be a first choice to visit in Switzerland but has a great potential.

If we forget the industrial part, the polluted part, the chemical part, the noisy part and the local attitude …

Example, if you cross the border with a car full of white people: no problem… yes, typical, I know, that’s the first good impression.

If at 4 o’clock in the morning, on a empty street, you don’t cross the road on the footpath, you can still expect someone from the 4th floor of a random building around opening a window and shouting at you threatening to call the police.

Yes prostitutes and drug are sold in teh open air even if they try to control that.

Anyway, on the positive side… Museums like Tinguely, architecture, definitely the Morgenstreich (Carnival) and I hate to say the zoo too are few examples of the activities you can enjoy there.