Any excuses are good to write about this little beauty: Bray.

From Bray head you can see the whole city and going down of it you will pass by the old Bray Head Hotel.
The most remarquable moment for me here was the recording of a video clip.

The hotel was about to close and the atmosphere was really like in the movie Shining. The floor was cracking everywhere, you still had these old rotating light switches and it was actually colder inside on that wintery day.
Le lady owner appeared at some stage in the temporary green room without making a noise and I will alway remember her spine shivering voice suddenly asking behind me: “Are okay or would you like a tea?”. Lovely couple tho. Both are the legend of this place.
Legend also said that before closing some where living permanently in a wing, and it was quite helpful considering the house crisis.
The fees where also paid by the carpark (specially great to park there on busy days)