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Bray Walk to Greystone

Walking along the lovely coast of Bray can be made a 100 times and you will have the new surprise every time.I hope you can appreciate the same feeling as much as I do. This was taken the 29th of December 2014, hehehe it took me a while to post it  

Bray from the hill to the sea

Any excuses are good to write about this little beauty: Bray. From Bray head you can see the whole city and going down of it you will pass by the old Bray Head Hotel.The most remarquable moment for me here was the recording of a video clip. The hotel was about to close and the

Bray – Ireland

Quick walk on my lovely and well missed sea front of Bray Co. Wicklow in Ireland. That day was very dramatic between the agitated sea, the threatening sky, the wind and the famous Bray Head Hotel for Sale ?!?. Souvenirs from Bray are also here:  2011, 2012, …

A Thanks to my garden

After the Dell life, I had plenty of time to take care of mother nature. And she actually was generous in my garden. Radish, beetroots, apples, potatoes, lettuce, thym, carrots, Basil, cucumber, water melon, tomatoes, green beans, strawberries, parsley, mint, rosemary, … The garden … before 

Mundo Capoeira Ireland Batizado 2012 Dublin

Quick snaps of the major event of the year for a Group of Capoeira: the Batizado.   4 days of trainings, Workshop, Dance and party. Here are the main ones in a slideshow and just down after, through the movie. Delighted to make a video of the  last week’s big event in Dublin where some

Bray Summer 2012

Back in – Ireland – County Wicklow

The Cold 100 – Mr. Westcoast Man

The Cold 100, a cool group of musician, discovered and from Bray. the best is always the link : The Cold 100 Here is the final result of a very cool experience in Bray. and some photos of the preparations in the Strand Hotel, the Bray Head inn Hotel (ooohhhh) and the Harbour Bar !!!

Bray January 2012

Here are some pictures of the seafront. If you look at the picture of the picture of the Bray head cross, you will notice a horizontal vortex. It can probably explain why sometime we can see some twister in this area.

The Irish Summer 2010

Irish summer 2010

End of an exceptionally good summer in Dublin, Bray and around.
16 samples of the garden, the Great Sugar Loaf, Dublin, Bray south…

New Capoeira Club In Bray

Capoeira classes in Bray are now open
Raven Hall,Dublin rd
Bray, Ireland
Tel: 01 286 2002

The way Dubliners explains how to go to the suburbs

The way dubliners explains how to do to the suburbsThis is what you can expect when the answers doesn’t come straight away …

Si j’avais une maison

Je la nommerais comme cela

Message from the Snow Maker

snow maw Weather condition are perfectly appropriate to give one or 2 tips on how to walk on Ice while Dublin seems to face several issues (reported by AA road Watch and Dublin bus)

Bray, high mountain, nice view

The quick and easy way to check if the Mountain bike is still ok is to visit Bray’s best point of view with it: The DART (Bray Station) and the buses 45, 84 and 145 are going near that fabulous place.

The irish Snow

Such a messy day today after catastrophic night. The horrific snow starts falling at 11 pm and around and gave a masive amount of this white carpet delicatelly place on all our streets, gardens and airports … this is for sure the end of the world Ewwww

Soon Fatt: My favorit Fast food name in Bray

Another proof that Irish people has a sharp sens of humor. I took that picture from the Dublin Bus 145 and realize one thing. This fast food is famous since his creation in 2007: – on flickr – ratemyarea – melcarson – jazzbiscuit – blogspot

Walking from Bray to Greystone

Coastal walk 2008 Here is the version 2008 of a nice walk From Bray to Greystone Here is the link for the version 2005

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