The Anecdote here is that I have lost my father… but found him again waiting for me at the car park.

This is Mafate, LaReunion Island: One of the most popular walk, if it is not the most popular.

Okay the full story was, it was a family walk, we know this trail by heart I when with the whole family and when the youngest will stretch the group from the front, some will do the same from the end. So I decided to be the last in order to invent myself some responsibilities.

My father looked very tired and kept making some pause some while waiting I was taking some pictures.

Until he disappeared on a very small curve.

I start tuning the whole place, after 1 hour I called the mountain rescue team. I heard the helicopter coming but they could not land because of a sudden fog.
At that point I shared the photo of my father to the local hikers and rang the rest of the family to keep them informed.

2 hours after I decided to return to the car park as you cannot find anyone at night anyway. … my father was there and explained that he thought he could win a couple of seconds with a shortcut but this way unfortunately led to a different trial.

Conclusion: NEVER leave the main trial when hiking !!!!