Quick round trip in a country easily called the land of wonders.

I really appreciate the 5 days car trip in family even if I had to drive more than 1000 Km across:

First and last step of the journey, the city is full of reason to stay.
Museum, history, buildings, night life … Everything in a good atmosphere

A very deep jump into the Scottish culture with this 60th anniversary of Highland Games
More infos: http://www.shottshighlandgames.org.uk/
The People are so open and so engaged: difficult not to share such great feeling.

… Via Glasgow the great and the view on the huge Loch Lomond.

Callender to Inchree:
Perfect places to rest with a beautiful view, forest and natural sites

The Coast to Curloss:
Is populated by small towns and villages with thousand of secrets, a drive over there is definitely not a waste.

Fort William:
Harry Potter gave a name to that train connection to Mallaig (just have a look at the pictures)

After the long … long Loch Ness (Nessy was asleep that day)

The Cairngorms National Park:
How about touching the snow in June?
And appreciate the effort the mix a tourist attraction and a Eco-protection

Great effort to keep that Student city alive