A great escape during the pandemic times to the new car on long distances. and as expected it was just pleasure after pleasures to visit such great country.

Of course I had rain every day, sometimes it was even heavy.

You can sometimes rent a room on the campus of the University of Limerick and realise the luck to study in such environment.

When you drive through the west coast sometimes you just land on these places that are so unreal:
This is the DUNGUAIRE Castle. This was made in the 16th Century and fully restored so you can visit here.

Walking “The Reek” from Ballyhip, doesn’t make it easier but the mesmerising change of landscape makes it even more satisfying.

A nice way to watch Croagh Patrick is to stop here at the Roman Island. You can also tour all these hundreds pieces of Ireland by boat from there.

It was too rainy to comment what looks like a nice beach there…

A quick stop by Sligo for the night, it was way too rainy to appreciate the city but this wall was just great.

Surrounded by fields and common farms, you would never expect to find such a well presented place here.

The Glencar Waterfall are free and worse the detour. It doesn’t take long and is also the departure for a series of hikes.

It is a place with nice sand and entertainments, ideal to feel disconnected from big cities.

With an undeniable heavy past, this place was very nice to visit. Nowadays a TV Series called Derry Girls find a fun way to talk about the situation there. For my part, walking on “The peace bridge” was a great symbolic moment.

Okay THIS PLACE is the place on top or Ireland, where you can see the aurora borealis and many things that make me want to go back every time. The road is cute and tiny and you can feel the force of nature between the wind and the waves crashing against the cliffs.

Driving in direction to the UK and you will see places that seem forgotten in time. And you will also meet lovely people.

The water way between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom is the start of Benone Beach.
This is probably the biggest beach in Northern Ireland.
Like in the past, you can simply drive on it and enjoy the day. It’s just strange because some are literally lying next to cars.

According to the color of the river, the Guiness is a beer made in Bushmills… no of course not. However try the whiskey there, you will not regret it.

Dunseverick Falls and the coastal walk are a must doo too in NI. You can even be surprised to like the aquatic walks along the cliff.

Do I need to advertise more on Portaneevy Car Park & Viewpoint? The best point of view in the north part of the island to see CARRICK-A-REDE and the ROPE BRIDGE but also a part of Scotland.

Ahhh Belfast, the great place to meet history and culture.

I also was in luck to do an indoor skydiving experience: definitely go for that!

Let’s end this tour on TERMONFECKIN BEACH