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Mundo Capoeira Ireland Batizado 2015 part 2 – Long legs

Part of the series with Mundo Capoeira, here is a sample with Meninao and Falante, demonstrating what to do (or not) to perfect the Meia Lua. Waiting for the new big event, on the week of the 17/10/2016. Link to the group: This video is from the main Capoeira Batizado event in Ireland in 2015. I have

Mundo Capoeira Ireland – Batizado 2015 part 1

Let’s first apologise for that long laps between the event and this first video. It has been a good busy year. Waiting for the new big event, on the week of the 17/10/2016. Link to the group: This video is about the main Capoeira Batizado event in Ireland in 2015. I have compiled here a couple

Mundo Capoeira Belgie – Grupo Karamelo – Batizado 2014

Footages sampled and compiled! Here is the short version of my recordings for the 8th Roda of Mundo Capoeira Belgium. It took me hours. Heavy decisions were made to shorten the files and tape them. Sorry in advance if scenes are missing and for some low quality samples, it was made with my phone. This

Mundo Capoeira Greece – Crete – Chania : Batizado 2012

Quelques Photos de ce sympathique endroit a travers les photos du changement de cordes. Je conseille évidement aussi l’option tourisme dans ce très beau pays. Ah et voici la video du meme weekend: Bon petite precision: niveau videos, j’en avais plus mais j’ai tellement plante avec mon logiciel que j’ai avance en faisant des choix.

Mundo Capoeira Ireland Batizado 2012 Dublin

Quick snaps of the major event of the year for a Group of Capoeira: the Batizado.   4 days of trainings, Workshop, Dance and party. Here are the main ones in a slideshow and just down after, through the movie. Delighted to make a video of the  last week’s big event in Dublin where some

Mundo Capoeira Street Performance

The Street performance is quite regular with Mundo Capoeira Ireland, this session took place in the front of the Central Bank, Dublin on Sunday (and the sun was finally here) the 20th of May 2012. 90 minutes of Roda in the Dame Street with Mestre Sansao, Professor Bezouro, Robson Jamaica, Ciro, the Students and even

Last rodas for Giraffa in Ireland

Last rodas for Giraffa in Ireland Quick snaps of the good vibe created by “Nacao Zumbi Angola roda grupo Capoeira” and Centro Cultural Capoeira Água de Beber (CECAB) last Saturday, in the lantern centre, Dublin.

Mundo Capoeira Ireland: Batizado 2011

Less than 9 min of video from this excellent weekend full of sport, and emotion.I hope you will like it: Video contains: – some sample of the Saturday’s workshop – the belt upgrade to orange and orange blue – the annoucement of Mestre Sansao – and more …

Mundo Capoeira Dublin Batizado 2011: workshop

This is a sample of the Saturday’s WORKSHOPS, of capoeira. 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM @ Inchicore Community Sports Centre unfortunatelly I did not record the memorable part with Berimbau

New Capoeira Club In Bray

Capoeira classes in Bray are now open
Raven Hall,Dublin rd
Bray, Ireland
Tel: 01 286 2002

MUNDO CAPOEIRA IRELAND Instrutor Feijaozinho

MUNDO CAPOEIRA IRELAND Instrutor Feijaozinho
Fejaozinho, capoeira teacher in Mundo Capoeira Dublin offers more about his performances.
Here is a Medley of his work with the Irish Club of Dublin :”Mundo Capoeira Ireland”

Mundo Capoeira Batizado 2009 in dublin

Here is the Irish Troca de Corda. This event took place in Dublin in October. It becomes a big event, great organization according to the amount of people to manage, the different locations and activities. After 8 year everybody should say: normal, … well no it is the best way not to be as good

Mundo Capoeira Dublin at the Dun laoghaire Festival of cultures 2009

Patience is made of bitterness, … I know it is quite old but I was a bit busy these days. Here are the quick shots made that lovely day. Hope you will enjoy it. This session was a street performance, the club is very open to the different types of dance, I mean fight. Mundo

Capoeira Workshop, April 2009 with Mundo Capoeira Ireland in Dublin

A bit late, I have to apologize for that but I hope you will enjoy the photos and the video. 4 hours of sport for every levels in Byrne Hall, Dublin I still feel my sour legs since … April (getting older for sure) Let’s broadcast the quick movie first … easier, just a button

Mundo Capoeira Dublin April 2009

Yes, we have a lot of fun with Mundo Capoeira Dublin, just have a look on the pictures as well as this typical Irish movie clip to understand how people are involved in maintaining a such great activity.

A training with Mundo Capoeira Ireland in December 2008

And here we are with a Seasonal greeting for all the Mundo Capoeira team/friends and all people I know in Ireland and Abroad !!

Mundo Capoeira Dublin Batizado 2008 – Photos

And finally … Finally … here are all my pics for that excellent event.

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