The Irish Parachue Club Progression Table

This article details the minimum required to progress through the STATIC LINE JUMPS course.
I personnaly like it because every jump is an occasion to experiment a new challenge.
More details on the IPC web page.

Capoeira Workshop, April 2009 with Mundo Capoeira Ireland in Dublin

A bit late, I have to apologize for that but I hope you will enjoy the photos and the video. 4 hours of sport for every levels in Byrne Hall, Dublin I still feel my sour legs since … April (getting older for sure) Let’s broadcast the quick movie first … easier, just a button […]

Mundo Capoeira Dublin April 2009

Yes, we have a lot of fun with Mundo Capoeira Dublin, just have a look on the pictures as well as this typical Irish movie clip to understand how people are involved in maintaining a such great activity.

The irish Tour 2005

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