So now you can see that Dublin isn’t always under the rain and grey sky!!Finally, the may 10th was the best day to landing into the Ireland’s capital. Somebody was waiting to me at the airport and I was in my new home 30 minutes after.But why stay at homeContinue Reading

Résumé d’un séjour sur les rives du lac des trois frontières!! 3 heures de route depuis la ville de Mulhouse et voici un petit coin paradisiaque où vous pouvez retrouver un calme apaisant réparateur mais également une presqu’île ornée de monuments beaux, autant par les fresques qu’il portent mais égalementContinue Reading

Füssen is a town in Bavaria, Germany, in the district of Ostallgäu situated 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from the Austrian border. It is located on the banks of the Lec. It is as well one of my best souvenir with the EMMD (Music and Danse School of Saint Denis OfContinue Reading

Here is a nice day at Marseille with my friend Laurent. Just to make it short: After 7 hours of on a night train we finally arrived on November the 1st 2001 a 6 o’clock and we walked 7 parts by feet before we took an other train direction Bordeaux.Continue Reading

A Travers un paysage de plus en plus vert et humide nous remarquons ce paradoxe naturel sur une ile ou il pleut en un jour a certain endroits de l’est ce qu’il pleut a d’autres de l’ouest en 1 an. Through this green landscapes, a natural paradox is observed: onContinue Reading