For the one that are a minimum interested by the Paddy’s day but cannot assist to the main parade n O’Connell Street (the Irish Champs Elysees) Here is a small compilation of the Webcam that tract the largest avenue in Dublin. We will if everything is technically ok, have aContinue Reading

Excellent moment spend in the club with The Garage Tony Duchacek’s concert. Original, simple, true, perfect live performers are not enough to describe how good that night of concert was. 2 words: Thanks you ! The webpage 1 mot : Merci ! Excellent moment de concert passé dans ce clubContinue Reading

Mundo Capoeira Ireland is on MySpace

This exciting announcement has recently been done by Smorfete (Group Manager) on your Mailboxes.

Pictures, Flyers, video are welcome and already on the web page. You will be able to see the Batizado 2007 pictures the Guinness performance, the time frame, the 2008 schedule and loads of useful information on the Irish group.

MySpace URL:
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This friday night you will have a lot of fun if you go to the SouthWilliam SANSAO is going to mix from 23h to 00h00 Come on everybody and lets have fun !! Link to the official siteContinue Reading