Apart from this racist American Lady guest* who thought my (black) father was a servant, I would probably have regretted to leave this elegant private reserve. I definitely recommend the experience as everything was perfect and down to the microscopic detail.

Coming from a mixed background here in Europe, South Africa comes as a cultural chock. I believe this was also an eye opener.
This was one of many examples that illustrated the good work made so far to live together as one, but also the long remaining way.


* Okay okay, I have to explain how my father owned that b*tch.

I was waiting for my food with my family at a buffet. we were surrounded by a group of American seniors.
My father was a couple of steps ahead and I see him starting a conversation with one of the lady guest.
Knowing that my father has qualities but not English, I decide to walk and be useful there.
I asked: “Do we need any help with translation?”
This lady left with this very upset face (like red face) and said: “No my fault if he was the here first!” Usually you remember these moment in slow motion….
I asked more detail to my father and he laughed.
He explained that her apparent husband spilled the sauce on the floor and she was looking for a member of the staff (all black) to clean. So when she saw my father she basically pointed a finger at him with authority shouting “You!!” then pointing the sauce spilled on the floor she tried to tell him to take care of it.
My father understood and answered: “No!! HAHAAAA!!” the same way.
then I arrived and saw that I looked similar and understood her mistake….

I believe she left with shame as all her “friends”, the staff (panicking at that point) and the hotel manager were there around her.

My first reaction was anger: of course. I suddenly laughed as this was an instant karma for her.