I finally publish this report after 4 years.
The first impression was conditioned by the local TV 5 days earlier, we saw the “Tropa de Elite” in a gun fight with the locals in the favelas, as we were waiting at the airport security in Sao Paulo.
The second impression was 5 days after, on site. Despite the fact that I came with the oldest and dirtiest t-shirt of my collection, I arrived in a bus station in the middle of a place were your kids where begging everyone for everything.

All of this was erased as soon as we arrived a the hostel in Botafogo.

The bests moments happened there with the staff (Ruth, Nathalia, Daniel, …) and the residents (Lisa, Laurette, Damien, …) it will be marked by they kindness and thanks them for every minutes spent with them.

I thanks the rain as well 🙂