Mundo Capoeira
Here we are!
Mundo Capoeira (Ex. Oficina da Capoeira) invites everybody to the 6th annual capoeira festival.
When ?
12 – 14 October 2007 in Dunblin

The europeen meeting invites some guests from Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Russia, Turkey…

Special Guest: GRAO MESTRE PINATTI (Sao Paulo – Brazil)

Let’s hook up in Sainte Catherine’s Sport center (Marrobow Lane, D8)
Enjoy the Opening Roda Friday the 12th from 19H00 to 22H00

You Begin ? No problem Come Saturday from 11H00 to 17H00 and dive in the Brazilian art through the workshops

What is a Troca de Roda? Answer Saturday 14th fron 12H00 to 16H00 and it’s open to everybody.

And now the Cherry on the cake: In Camden Delux Night Club,
Enjoy the Capoeira performances, Live Samba, Samba- Reggae, …

You’ll never forget!! … See you there