A Caxixi can be bought but my favourite is to wait one of these sessions with Mestre Sansao to build my own instrument. Here is how I made it.

Nothing is set in stone so the technicality below is a guidance:

Use a blueprint to create your sizes.

Caxixi Sizes are approximately made of a round base of 18 or 23 centimeters (7 or 9 inches) diameters or so.

Close to the edge, place 9 or 11 holes (never an even number).

While the straw lines up are cuts to approximately 60 to 70 cm plus 1 half size, you will need more than 3 meters of straw (previously soften in warm water) to complete a Caxixi.

Add to this at least 3 meters to weave it around.

There is at least an extra meter of thin straw for the handle

I leave a video on this workshop, but please vote below if you need more details.

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