Here is a collection of links that should make your life easier when you need to send a parcel from the Republic of Ireland. Voici une collection de liens qui vous faciliteront la vie si vous avez besoin d’envoyer un colis de la république d’Irlande. Hier finden Sie eine SammlungContinue Reading

Résumons tout d’abord le message de l’ambassade de septembre 2022 en 2 mots : Bonne chance ! Ce qui suit est juste un nouvel article rapide pour donner les bonnes méthodes de recherche pour tous les francophones qui débarquent en Irlande pour du moyen ou long terme. Conseils et préparationsContinue Reading

Working remote in La Reunion Island is a work requested by my colleagues to demonstrate fact that doesn’t matter where you are based, you can deliver an outstanding job to your customer … well should I place a particular emphasis on the “working conditions” here… La Réunion is a concentrationContinue Reading

Entertaining and tasty as well. Picture of the day. The office is furnished with High Tech UV water dispensers (probably the reason why this water is Sun tanned) And as I received some comments already: no this is not a sample for a drug test…Continue Reading

If you need to find a place to leave in Ireland, here are the most useful links to find it. Bases : Estate agent : (I hate this) If something’s wrong the powerfull http://www.prtb.ieContinue Reading

Here are my main addresses to find a job in Dublin: Motors and referrers: Recrutement agencies: Reading