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My Capoeira training began in 2000 with instructor Macaco Preto of the group Abada Capoeira in Brussels.

Soon after beginning my first training, I began to sketch at every training session, recording all of the skills I learned, as well as those I saw more advanced students performing. The reason was the need to practice alone in a city with no Capoeira schools as was my birth town where I returned in 2003.

Boca de Lobo

Upon my return I realized that Abada capoeira, the group I started practicing with, had no one teaching in Greece at the time. As a result I started practicing and hosting seminars with other groups including Dandara Cordao de ouro, ACapoeira, Centro Cultural da Capoeiragem and Senzala de Santos. In 2004, my need to train regularly led me to start teaching capoeira for free, in an effort to bring together a group of people to train with.

afisa-capoeira---2006    afisa  Instrutor-Fuba-roda-Patras-2 seminar mestre acordeon

I began teaching in 2006 under mestre Sansao of Mundo Capoeira, reaching the level of estagiario in 2007.

Untitled-2    P9292257   afisa-flyers-seminario-sansao   18666_1348053742609_1269293297_1010319_3607654_n

In 2008, I published all the draws I made (more than 500 differents movements and exercises from different styles of Capoeira) in Caderno de Capoeira in Greek.


The English Version was published in 2012 by Turtle Press:  Capoeira Illustrated.


In facebook’s page you can find more unpublished images:

In 2009, me and graduado Figo organized the 1st batizado of Mundo Capoeira in Greece.

1o-batizado-     1o-batizado-Mundo-Capoeira-Grecia--2009

The same year (2009) I received the cord of graduado from the group Mundo Capoeira. 7718_165466252820_542142820_3280459_1269792_n    

In 2011, with graduado Figo, we helped one of my oldest students “Voador”, who moved to the city of Volos, start  teaching Capoeira.

107 Graduado-Pernalonga8- Seminar-of-Makulele-in-Volos-2010

The same year we organized the 2nd batizado of Mundo Capoeira Grecia.

2o-batizado 2o-batizado-Mundo-Capoeira-Grecia-2010 154 DSC02909    sansao   190     2o-batizado-Mundo-Capoeira-Grecia--2010

Also in 2011, I opened an Association called “Artes Da Rua“, who promotes arts like Capoeira, Parkour, Graffiti, Comics etc. in my hometown Chania of Crete. In the batizado of Mundo Capoeira Ireland, I received my second belt of graduado.

DSCN0560   300001_10150333314232787_672062786_8079770_703077792_n  319594_10150331987346720_675746719_8640109_1609888466_n (1)  319254_2305860498829_1618771183_2239966_1544013048_n

In 2013 we had the opportunity to organize the 3nd batizado of Mundo Capoeira Grecia.

3o-batizado-FINAL  IMGP7523 IMGP7566 IMGP7597 IMGP7739 Pernalonga-e-Macacoposter-Capoeira-criancas

During the summer 2013 I worked in a campus with handicapped persons where  I was giving classes of Samba-Reggae dance and percussion (also drawing and painting).

IMG_0317 IMG_0321 IMG_0396 IMG_0409

During my life as an martial artist I also trained with Muay Thai Boxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do but Capoeira earned my heart.

In 2014 my apelido changed from Pernalonga to Pernilongo to symbolize a change in my life.

” Vou diser na minha mulher camara
 Capoeira me venceu camara…”
Roda d’ anniversario 2013
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