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I think there is no reason repeat my self with my storylife, you can read it on the first page. Here we will speak just for comics, bandes dessinees, quadrinhos etc. You will have the chance to read some of my comic books. I won’t put my first ones because I am not proud of them, as in Greece we didn’t have the chance to have a big knowledge of it. I always says that Greece is 20-30 years behind than other countries but the last 7 years we can see lot of new artists who does a great work. I don’t want to speak for the history of greek comic neither. There are books speaking for it. I just want you to enjoy my own comics and please leave comments.

I would like to say a big thanks to Pierre Pourbaix who helped me to stay in this art. And a big love to my friend from my childhood, Kostas Mourgelakis, with whom created our first heroes on paper. God blesse you where you are now, far far away from us… Rest in Peace both of you comic guys.

The first comic I put here is a comic  I made for my first year in Brussels when I was student of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (where the professor didn’t liked me so I left for the Institut of Saint Luc two years later). This is for Fabrice Catoire, Louis Van Vught , Efe Sembol and Vincent. I should put also Abdel Karim but I didn’t…

It’s like a diary for me…Oh sorry it is in greek…

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In the Austrian national elections held October 3, 1999, the far-right Freedom Party (Freiheitspartei Österreichs, hereafter FPÖ), headed by Jörg Haider, won second place, receiving support from 26.9 percent of the electorate and was elected governor of Carinthia by the Carinthian parliament, where the FPÖ now held a plurality of more than 42%. After that there was the biggest protest in the history of Austria, from people who came from all over Europe. I went also with students of Brussels. The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels was asked her students to create some works of art that would be exposed outside the school. My work was the next comic  drew my inspiration from a poem of the Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet, “Microcosm”. To be true my inspiration came from the greek song of Thanos Mikroutsikos, inspired from the same poem.

I put both my greek and english version.

kai-na-ti-exw-twra-na-sas-pw           Microcosmos


The two next pages are a try to create a comic with heroes on my own, the Jimblings. Small creatures who stolen the book of destiny from a great magistral, trying to changes the lives of those who has their pages empty…

1     jiblings3


The next one was an exercise for the academy, from a theatrical piece of Samuel Beckett.

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The next comic  drew from a text of Franz Kafka, “Before the Law”, gave me my diploma and the 2nd place in a Greek competition of professional comic artists, organized from the newspaper “Eleftherotypia” and the greek school of fine-arts “Akto”. Made in 2002.

1   2   3

The next one made for a comic revue called “Ma-Tv”, published in 2003 for the “Parcours of St-Gilles”, a Biennial of contemporary artists in Brussels. Unfortunately I only have it in greek version…the original was in french.

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-4Untitled-5Untitled-3

The comic with the samourais and capoeiristas won an award in 2004 in  a comic competition of School of Fine -Art of Ornerakis.

samourai-capoeira-p.1    samourai-capoeira-p.2

In the antiracist Festival of Chania in 2007 and 2013, I tried to make a collective comic where everyone make one image-story who follows by others…

P9292315 P9292316 P9292317

For six years I will work for publishing an illustrated repository of Capoeira:

Caderno de Capoeira (2008),  Capoeira Illustrated (2012)

All these years I had in mind a graphic novel drew from two poems of the greek poet Nikos Kavvadias. I finished it in 2010 with 88 pages, called “William”, but I didn’t managed to publish it. I think that there was a problem with the heritage of the poet (I never learnt the truth). So it remains unpublished in greek and I will seek to publish it in other language if that would be possible. Maybe the problem is that there is no text, no dialogues, just the two poems in disorder. Maybe if I don’t put the poems at all and make texts and dialogues there will be no heritage problem, but this will be something else.

I put only some images of it.

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© All images and works are Copyright 
© Dimitrios Papadopoulos, DimInki
graduado Pernalonga, Pernilongo

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  1. Dimitri, tout ça est très impressionnant, quelle qualité dans tout ce que tu fais !! Je connaissais la plupart des BD présentées sur cette page, mais de voir l’évolution en une seule page qui culmine avec ton gros projet en couleur, c’est terrible !
    Beaucoup de choses très belles sur tes autres pages aussi, tu es un artiste complet et accompli il me semble 😉

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