For this one I can suggest to sit tight and relax for the next 9 minutes use the biggest screen that you have while I share with you pictures of the perle of the Indian Ocean. The coastal view, the three natural circuses, the green landscapes, waterfalls and of courseContinue Reading

Song São Bento De Grand Angola E de Angola e de Angola e de Angola De Angola de Angola Nesse mundo Câmara Mas não há mas não há Mas não há que me mande Eu só sei obedecer Se mandar São Bento grande E de Angola e de Angola eContinue Reading

Let’s first apologise for that long laps between the event and this first video. It has been a good busy year. Waiting for the new big event, on the week of the 17/10/2016. Link to the group: This video is about the main Capoeira Batizado event in Ireland in 2015. IContinue Reading

Today is the respectful day that marks the abolition of slavery in reunion island. Here are some of my links and traces of the trip in 2014. Not to tell this place is definitely the best on earth! This video can prove it:    Continue Reading

Less than 9 min of video from this excellent weekend full of sport, and emotion.I hope you will like it: Video contains: – some sample of the Saturday’s workshop – the belt upgrade to orange and orange blue – the annoucement of Mestre Sansao – and more …Continue Reading

Here is a video of the Mundo Capoeira Ireland Festival 2008. The opening ceremony took place in Byrne hall (Synge street, Dublin 8) The first day of festivity ended up officially at 22h00. Enjoy the Beginners’ Roda.Continue Reading

Another moment of pure magic for any capoeirista in Ireland. This year the Troca de Corda (the moment to change the belt) is programmed for the 10, 11 and 12th of October 2008. Come on and share the Brazilian experience through the: – FRIDAY the 10th:Opening festival In Byrne hallContinue Reading