Natural Museum of the Luxembourg garden

The museum of the living and dead things…. Located in Paris, if the weather is worse it and there is enough time between 2 flights I suggest to become curious about this city and its activities. Terms and conditions apply, this suggest excludes the costs and random strikes …

Quai François Mauriac

Why is this street so interesting in Paris, because you have a beautiful point of view. As a fan of Inception and other crazy movies recorded around this place, I just share some views of the Pont de Bercy and the Library François Mitterand just behind

Paris near La Géode

Quick tour between 2 flights and I could capture some views of plants in the garden of Luxembourg and La Géode, the science museum  

Paris and around

View from above and from the heart, here are some souvenirs of a quick tour on a 14th of July.

Paris – Un doux hiver

Between clouds and sunny spell, let walk around and discover some of the typical views from Paris.

Autumn in Paris

Charming, elegant, and as usual full of little secrets. Paris Ooh la la.

Paris en coup de vent

I don’t need a close in December, it’s night time and I have a Christmas advertisement every hours… So instead of posting again this waste, how about staring a little work on the last trips made this year? Should I start with Pairs Quelques images de l’admirable capitale française I was lucky enough to go […]

25 degres celsius

Paris mars 2012

Un passage tres rapide et un moyen de me rendre compte qu’estre touriste a Paris est toujours aussi agreable 🙂 (25 degres celcuis le premier jour) Merci Alexandre pour la visite, c’était vraiment tres sympa   Retour: – Paris – France

The traveller pant Callendar

How would you invite a friend to travel more? The idea came after one of his trip to my place. He checked twice his personal belongs and forgot that one… When I called him to send it back he said … Just keep it and use it. I did… 1. Cover : Seafront Bray, Ireland […]

Paris en 2009

Paris Fevrier 2009 Retour sur: – Paris – La France

Paris en 2002

Retour sur: – Paris – La France

Paris en 2001

Retour sur: – Paris – La France

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