Natural Museum of the Luxembourg garden

The museum of the living and dead things…. Located in Paris, if the weather is worse it and there is enough time between 2 flights I suggest to become curious about this city and its activities. Terms and conditions apply, this suggest excludes the costs and random strikes …

A Thanks to my garden

After the Dell life, I had plenty of time to take care of mother nature. And she actually was generous in my garden. Radish, beetroots, apples, potatoes, lettuce, thym, carrots, Basil, cucumber, water melon, tomatoes, green beans, strawberries, parsley, mint, rosemary, … The garden … before¬†

The Irish Summer 2010

Irish summer 2010

End of an exceptionally good summer in Dublin, Bray and around.
16 samples of the garden, the Great Sugar Loaf, Dublin, Bray south…

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