It was about time I know but I wanted to make most of the captures that I was lucky enough to collect from this exclusive event. The 19th Na Ginga Da Capoeira Festival The kids version : And the grown ups. In this lengthy video you will be able toContinue Reading

The so called French part of Germany …. also has a lot of benefit from its historical heritage. Every year, away from any terrorist agenda, people can enjoy the delicious hot wine and buy present for their loved one. Okay this little market is not the best but remains beautifulContinue Reading

Another moment of pure magic for any capoeirista in Ireland. This year the Troca de Corda (the moment to change the belt) is programmed for the 10, 11 and 12th of October 2008. Come on and share the Brazilian experience through the: – FRIDAY the 10th:Opening festival In Byrne hallContinue Reading