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Belo Horizonte 2018

10 years after, … Already after my last visit, this city has expended but not moved really. Reason why I go there is for the fantastic people you meet indeed. Belo Horizonte is however surrounded by wonders of nature that I can only recommend, …. If they stay.

Sao Paulo 2008

First step of a super trip in the main country of south America. Sao Paulo, 14 Million people, 70 Km walk with my flip flaps and a lot of things to remember.

Pedra Branca and around 2008

Finally after quite a few years I don’t forget to report my trip to one of the best place I have been in 2008. On the way to Pedra Branca, we have the view of the main city of Minas Gerais. The national park ends to a small town where a relaxing place where the

Belo Horizonte 2008

6,5 hours in the nord of Rio De Janeiro. I traveled by bus with Cometa the bus company (reson why you have a few pictures of the landscape after these heavy rains.