Walking along the lovely coast of Bray can be made a 100 times and you will have the new surprise every time.I hope you can appreciate the same feeling as much as I do. This was taken the 29th of December 2014, hehehe it took me a while to postContinue Reading

I don’t need a close in December, it’s night time and I have a Christmas advertisement every hours… So instead of posting again this waste, how about staring a little work on the last trips made this year? Should I start with Pairs Quelques images de l’admirable capitale française IContinue Reading

My first visit in Morocco marked me positively. Modern city along the coast with a mix of various flavors, and cultural similarities… All combined, and you will feel in an Occidental but exotic atmosphere. I had the chance to meet “the locals” and merge (by my natural look) into theContinue Reading

Weather couldn’t be better for a romantic visit of the neighbour of St-Malo: Dinard.Marine life and sophistication are mixed in a very tasteful way.  Continue Reading

  Can you believe this is in Brittany? Leaving from Bénodet, with the daily connection, you can actually spend a day and feel like Cruzoé on these unreal white beachesContinue Reading