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October 2013 in Dublin

A classical way to end the summer in Ireland, … not really

Salazie 2013

Some pictures brought back from one of the circus in La Reunion. The Circus of Salazie the most “accessible” as compare to Mafate and Cilaos, you can drive up to the end and appreciate as vvell the unique and restful sound of nature. I kept a photo of “Pisse en L’air” (wee up) as you

Sainte Suzanne et la cascade Niagara 2013

The “Niagara fall” in La Reunion is of course not the same size as the famous canadian water attraction. But be aware that during the wet season it could grow as big as the shape of the stone uncovered by the vegetation around.

Trop peu sur Saint-Paul

Definitely not enough pictures from the widest community of the french territory. I spend a few times over there and I was not able to have a good occasion to snap this lovely area…

Les quelques fleurs du jardin réunionnais

Here are some views and macros of flowers in the parents garden, taken in La Réunion in 2013

Saint-Leu, La Réunion 2013

Kelonia, the beach and the relaxing colors, enjoy Saint-Leu. It’s actually still a good and famous place for surfers.

Faune reunionnaise

Cette page me permet just ede stocker les quelques animaux que j’ai eu la chance de voir pendant mon passage sur l’ile de La Reunion

Saint Denis de La Réunion 2013

Quick pics on the way in Saint-Denis (Reunion Island). I usually shop here, connect a public service or go out with friends. It looks quiet when you don’t know how to lift the cover 🙂  

La Plaine des Palmistes 2013

There are 3 ways to go from the north to the south: the fast one via the Route des Tamarins, the wild one via the east coast and if you have more time to appreciate the landscape: via the mountains: the Plaine des Palmistes offers a fresh air and a quite space to relax during

Le Piton de la Fournaise 2013

Nice time spent at the volcano. Piton de la Fournaise is one of these very active volcano in the world called “hot spot”… well even asleep it is, … prepare your suncream 🙂

La Plaine des Cafres, Ile de La Reunion 2013

Who would believe it? This was not taken in Ireland.

Saint Andre de La Reunion 2013

Let’s start with some picture of Saint Andre of La Reunion island. the dramatic cloud, the sugar cane and the beautidul landscape.

Working remote in La Reunion Island in 2013

Working remote in La Reunion Island is a work requested by my colleagues to demonstrate fact that doesn’t matter where you are based, you can deliver an outstanding job to your customer … well should I place a particular emphasis on the “working conditions” here… La Réunion is a concentration of everything that exist in

La Réunion 2013

Quelques premiers cliches animes de mon passage sur l’ile en attendant de pouvoir travailler sur les autres documents. La route du Col des Boeufs Salazie 2013 Cascade Bassin la Paix 2013

Finistere 2013

Quick snaps from a relaxing week in the Celtic side of France. This was shot in March 2013

Street philo

Seen on Francis Street, Dublin  and finally, the must see of the day:

The spring finally arrived

I celebrate the first day of spring with a relaxing walk in a park in Cherrywood (Co. Dublin, Ireland)

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