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Links to search for a mid to long term accommodation in Ireland

I’ve been suggested to translate this article in English as it has helped thousands to search up mid to long term accommodation already.

Suggestion and preparation:

Ireland is famous for its housing crisis. Let’s consider it as part of the culture.
I recommend not to be too specific in your search terms as this drastically reduces the chances to find something.
Second tip is to avoid delays due to hesitations.
Prefer site visits as it allows a visual inspection.
Don’t want too much for feedbacks if nothing SMART* was established

To give yourself more chances, you can

  • Prepare a budget! We know it’s expensive. Real questions are:
    • What is my top limit?
    • Deposits are usually a month in advance. More can happen, less also. Ask why.
    • Water supply is free but how expensive are all utilities? Electricity, bins, Internet, Mobile, Transport, …
      You can have a look at these comparison specialists:
  • House/Flat-sharing is a thing here, it allows you to share cultural experiences.
  • Remain simple: Specificities are often a killer: if you smoke, you have pets, … I avoid other cliches as it’s not always relevant.
  • Prepare you references
    • Details of you agency
    • letter from an employer or institution …
    • letter/recommendation from a previous landlord.

Starting the research :

Ask your friends or people you know.
If no one has any info, use your social network platforms specific to the location where you plan to arrive.
Here is an example, I will update this articule with your suggestions:

Social plateforms

The ideal flat mate in …:
Dublin: group 1, group 2 (this one promises not to share the bedroom)

Public sites, (new)

Agencies and others

Each agencies can avail specific services or could have as advantages to jump the queues or exclusive offers.
These sites are asking for an identification and are subject to fees

This list also also evolves so fast that I am asking you to take them as ideas.

Ask for references in order to avoid bad experiences.

Anticipate any problems

Here is the official public website
Residential tenancy board: the aim here is to stay clear with the rules and regulation. It works for the owners and tenant.

Issue with your landlord?
“Threshold was founded in 1978. We are a registered charity whose aim is to secure a right to housing, particularly for households experiencing the problems of poverty and exclusion.”

Buy and sell

Furnitures, things you cannot move with …?

*Objectives are ‘SMART‘ if they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and, timely (or time-bound).

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