Capoeira in Ireland

You would like to try to play this Brazilian martial art but don’t really know where to go.
Here is a map of the 7 main names found in the Republic of Ireland:

This map is the result of a personal research made from internet.
I have found the following names:
– Group Capoeira Camboatá
– Group Muzenza
– Grupo Candeias de Capoeira
– Capoeiragem
– Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira
– Mundo Capoeira
– Naçao Zumbi
– Centro Cultural Capoeira Água de Beber Ireland
– Capoeira Gerais
– …

I’m happy to add or correct any info if it helps.

Note: The map is just a physical report based on public info from the different webpages from all clubs.
the research ended in March 2013 and has bee updated in May 2014

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