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  • Batman 09/10/2007

    Have to say great talent. You should do more, Experiment with colour, textures, materials et al. The pieces online are like dreams (or in your case, as they were done in work – ‘Day Dreams’)

  • Nicolas 09/10/2007

    woah, that’s impressive ! I didn’t know you had such an artist talent ! you’re also probably a heavy consumer of BIC pens ! Anyway Well done ! you should now draw in A2 sheets ! let’s even organize an exhibition on the DELL coridors !

  • Johanna 24/07/2009

    Wow!! Magnifique!!

    Are you leaving DELL??

  • maw68 25/07/2009

    Non Johanna,
    Rassures toi je reste mais suis promu dans un autre poste.

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