Month: September 2020

Hamburg by night

Festive, impressive, there is always something to do in Hamburg. Red light is big and attractive for many, it is also well insulated from the rest of the city so if you are motivated by another type of ambiance it is very easy to reach another location and still have fun.

Hamburg city centre, parks and gardens

This city is very very clean, well organised and quiet. I was impressed by the amount of silent vehicles in circulation in 2018. It is futuristic.

Compare your providers

Here I will focus on websites that are comparing companies who deliver services in Ireland. I will not cover all providers, or brokers. Also brands listed are used as examples.

To compare your product with the competition you can:

  • Search for a licensed suppliers + competitors, negotiate and finalise your engagement
  • OR Use a comparison tool and let them do the job for you.

The Irish government has initiatives designed to help and privates companies will extend this comparison.

Here are the list of the platform found so far in Ireland and where we can use them, if you see more do not hesitate to let me know: