Month: February 2012

The Dublin bus line number 345

Not a new line, not a revolutionary service The features here: – you wait up to 40 min on a rush period – then you see 3 buses 145 coming – you still doubt if one will stop

The Cold 100 – Mr. Westcoast Man

The Cold 100, a cool group of musician, discovered and from Bray. the best is always the link : The Cold 100 Here is the final result of a very cool experience in Bray. and some photos of the preparations in the Strand Hotel, the Bray Head inn Hotel (ooohhhh) and the Harbour Bar !!!

Dublin water color

Entertaining and tasty as well. Picture of the day. The office is furnished with High Tech UV water dispensers (probably the reason why this water is Sun tanned) And as I received some comments already: no this is not a sample for a drug test…

En réponse aux Montpellierains qui faisaient les malins cet été

Bien noter qu’on a pas mis la voiture dans le garage pour obtenir la temperature affichee sur le tableau de bord. Et pour ceux commentent l’heure de depart, … bah ouaih

Pub philosophy

It makes a total sens when you read it in the urinal Gorey, Ireland