Month: October 2009

Mundo Capoeira Batizado 2009 in dublin

Here is the Irish Troca de Corda. This event took place in Dublin in October. It becomes a big event, great organization according to the amount of people to manage, the different locations and activities. After 8 year everybody should say: normal, … well no it is the best way not to be as good

The invisible Ring tour 2009

Trip to France Voici les quelques cliches sans visages de notre dernier tour de France. Vous pourrez entre autres : – profiter des derniers instants en mer d’Irlande – avoir un bref apercu de l’eau miroitante de Chateaulin – visiter Locronan – regarder les captures le longes des 3000 Km de route entre La Bretagne

Mundo Capoeira Dublin at the Dun laoghaire Festival of cultures 2009

Patience is made of bitterness, … I know it is quite old but I was a bit busy these days. Here are the quick shots made that lovely day. Hope you will enjoy it. This session was a street performance, the club is very open to the different types of dance, I mean fight. Mundo