Month: April 2009

County Donegal in April 2009

  Last pictures from a lovely week end in April 2009 I just took the pics and droped them here, this county is just beautiful.  

Mundo Capoeira Dublin April 2009

Yes, we have a lot of fun with Mundo Capoeira Dublin, just have a look on the pictures as well as this typical Irish movie clip to understand how people are involved in maintaining a such great activity.

The O2 Ireland TV Advert preparation

Soon, some of you will see the new commercial campaign of O2 Ireland. If only you know how many energy it takes!! This one was filmed in the “O2 arena” (previously called “The Point Theater”) in Dublin 1. Basically people here where asked to go along to funky concert. Funky concert means: challenge… how to

The Dublin Samsung Tocco Flash Mob Stunt!!

Wow another crazy event in Dublin: 200 Red runner where seen in the city center last April the 2nd … Here are some interesting articles, videos and photos, I try to find some more info: On Youtube, On Dublin TV, On Metblog Last question … how do I know that ? 😛

Dublin 2nd of April 2009