A great escape during the pandemic times to the new car on long distances. and as expected it was just pleasure after pleasures to visit such great country. Of course I had rain every day, sometimes it was even heavy. You can sometimes rent a room on the campus ofContinue Reading

There is a car park hidden behind the famous Mahon Falls in County Waterford, I show you here why it’s also interesting to go there. You has the wild and limitless effect, a climb and this beautiful finish.Continue Reading

As the name indicates prepare your legs if you want to walk on this one. It’s a beautiful place that is more or less respected by the wild campers and a gorgeous escape on a sunny day. As it’s a bit further down that the famous Inchydoney beach so thereContinue Reading

Empty but beautiful, here is Shanagarry Beach. hi sis one of many beaches of county Cork and as many reasons to enjoy loosing your way along the coast of this beautiful Irish coast.Continue Reading

If you say: “I did the castle visit” they will probably ask more precision here because Luzerne is surrounded by historical landmarks. If you have an hour or two I still strongly suggest to climb these couple of steps and at least appreciate the view of these fortifications. Between theContinue Reading

The city and banks… of the lake are so beautiful that you can forget the low temperature and just enjoy a walk on the the Kapellbrücke (literally, Chapel Bridge) and browse these luxurious boutiques. What stroke my attention and somehow amused me is how this well maintained city is slowly becoming a sortContinue Reading

Romantic I know… I hope this only puts a smile on your face because this private joke cannot be avoided when you visit the magnificent protected area of MenabeContinue Reading

In the region of Vàkinankàratra, near the village of Belazao stands this magnificient lake. The water in this lake has been measured by the notorious Commandant Cousteau and it appeared that the 80 Meters long cable wasn’t enough to touch the bottom.Continue Reading

The capital is from my uninformed eye, surrounded by a complex eclectic configuration of interdependencies between several estates made of commercial relations…. it’s like everywhere yes. So I saw some rice fields where a local basically explained that everything is sold to foreign country as this is considered as “Organic”Continue Reading

In the context: I arrived at a guesthouse where one of the first question was: when will I shower? Of course it is surprising but the consequence was this: Of course if you want to avoid luxurious hotels for vacation, you experience the same standard as the overcrowded districts: WaterContinue Reading

The mother tree, the sacred tree, the living monument and many other names that I can only agree on. This tree is the source of countless myth and stories and you can sit for hours listening to them.Continue Reading

This island is famous for its gold. To a point where some foreign empires will still (yes, in 2022 and beyond) do anything possible to mine it and bring it back to their homelands. Every time you buy gold, through your IT equipment, jewelry, and other, here is what youContinue Reading

… or the queens palace. I suggest to refer to Wikipedia as usual and if you are travelling more via Antananarivo, to at least go there for the point of view. It’s beautiful and the historical part won’t disappoint you. It’s probably better than any tv soap. And yes, IContinue Reading