Quick tour in the south of France Silence is Darmstadt’s gold Oceanarium de Lisboa Sintra, Portugal Lisboa
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yum in all shapes

Quick tour in the south of France

To sustain this good feeling of heat and relax period, should I share one or 2  Summer pictures in south of France? No, but I’ll still do it. If lucky, the public transports will well deserve all your favourite locations when all little roads will be packed by slow cars and lost tourists. I can […]


Silence is Darmstadt’s gold

Just a little bit of nostalgia as this city reflect for some the rhythm of January … I’ll Explain: This city is crowded with approximately 150 000 inhabitant, no doubt. It’s also 30 minutes away from Frankfurt it remain a great point of interest for any german worker. But the main impression I keep is […]


Oceanarium de Lisboa

doesn't it look like it

Sintra, Portugal

Less than an hour away from Lisbon, resides the Great Wall of China hmm Sintra This fort dominates the region and when it’s not as foggy as this day, it offers a beautiful view that extend beyond the sea. A Museum is still open in case of a rainy day and the restaurants are pretty […]



Felix Ano Novo!! As we say here in Portugal (a Brazilian told me) After successfully completing my course on Duolingo, what can me more rewarding to spend a week in Lisbon. This is another city where I could live: – lovely people – nice food – great culture – heat, sea and all the natural […]


Brussels by night 2015

Closing off the year 2015, may I wish you a lot of even better things in 2016? No?!? too late I proudly did it. Quick round trip before this “situation” and I’ve discover the beauty of theĀ culture in Brussel. It is still giving me this strange french feeling but out of the country where rigorous […]


Kinsale and the Fort

A quick round in the South Coast and you will easily find this small but charming town. Lively colours, street concerts, enjoy the summer in Kinsale.


Merry Christmas From Frankfurt

Merry Christmas to everybody, and specifically everybody!! One of the definition of happiness is to appreciate what you have not what you want. Let’s try to explain the first impression when visiting a Christmas Market in The Euro city ! When you finally find the market place, you enter in a small, happy and dedicated […]

first day of winter

Dublin my love 2015

Just sharing here some photos straight out of my phone šŸ™‚


Bonne Fet Caf !

Today is the respectful day that marks the abolition of slavery in reunion island. Here are some of my links and traces of the trip in 2014. Not to tell this place is definitely the best on earth! This video can prove it:    

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